Things Not To Do On The Early Days At Office

Leaving the old company and stepping in a new workplace to take your career to the next level is a big decision for many individuals. The fear of new office, colleagues, work responsibilities, etc. are some common fears that many individuals face. To be successful and reflect good impression in your new company, you put your best. But, sometimes we make some mistakes unknowingly that can make you feel embarrassed.

Here, are some important things you should not do at least in the starting span in your new job for crafting an impressive image.

Being arrogant at work

When you are joining a new company regardless of your position, it affects the surrounding people. You should not have to be selfish or arrogant at your new work as this can create a bad image.

Peeping on others desk

People may not like your peeping on their office wave desk. So do not look or interfere in others work. If you need any help ask directly.

Reaching at late

Punctuality is the first thing you should keep in mind. Reaching late in office especially in the beginning days can hurt your image badly. Try to be on time as after some time you would be able to know the culture and rules of the company.

Posting everything on social platforms

Do not be in a hurry for posting anything good or bad about your new company in the beginning itself. In the high-tech world, any one can take benefit of your post so stay away from such things at least in the probation period.

Involvement in office gossips and politics

In offices gossips are very common. They are sometimes incomplete or totally wrong information. Participating in such things without knowing the facts when you are new at work can take in big trouble. So, it is better to be silent in such things and keep yourself on the safe side.

Being judgmental

You cannot judge anybody in the first meeting. It takes the time to know people sometimes. So, have a formal conversation with your colleagues and don't be judgmental about them.

Overdoing the work

You might be very excited and wanted to show off your abilities and efficiency to the bosses. But, overdoing and extra efforts in every task can bring difficulty for other employees. So it is better to go with the norms. Show your capabilities without creating problems for others.

Expressing too much

Do not express yourself a lot in front of new people. Take time and understand who you can trust and make friends. Giving excessive information about yourself can hurt you in future.