5 Effective Tips To Stay Awake At Work

Working from 9-6 in offices is very common from centuries. After lunch, many people feel asleep. Are you one from the individuals who need sticks to keep an eye open at work, not to worry you are not alone. Many people are facing such problems at work that affects their productivity and work.

To avoid such conditions, here are some efficient tips you can follow to stay awake at work -

Take help of music

Listen to your favourite music when feeling asleep at work. This can awake you and reenergize to work. Use headphones to avoid disturbing other employees surrounding your office bench desk.

Take a break and give rest to your eyes

Your eyes might feel dizzy and stressed due to constant exposed to the computer screen. Take rest for five to ten minutes. See outside the window at some distance or soma nature things like green plants, water, flowers, etc. or simply close eyes and keep hands on. This will relax your eyes and mind giving vigour.

Eat something healthy

Having a heavy meal in lunch can be a reason of feeling sleepy at the desk. So munch on small meals instead of one heavy meal. When you feel asleep have some fresh fruit or juice, tea or coffee. Eating healthy boosts metabolism and revive you for accomplishing your task at the workplace.

Take a power nap

Today, in offices sleeping pods arranged to provide a power nap of 20-30 minutes so that employees can regain their power and stay active for the rest of the day. So, have a power nap in silence to make your body ready for further work.

When all fails, get cold

Chew ice as this will awake you quickly. Do not go with this method as it can hurt your Wash face with chilled water.

There are many other ways to keep up at work. You can try out different ways to stay active and energized at work.