Guidelines To Resign From Job Ethically

Have you decided to quit the present job, got offer letter from the new company. Your new workplace is newly furnished with first class office furniture and modern amenities making you feel exciting and delight. Now it is the time to say goodbye to the old company. To resign the job in a positive and ethical way, here are the important guidelines you can follow.

Whether you love or hate your present company, but while leaving or resigning, it is your duty to resign in a good and positive manner.

Talk to your boss first

As soon as you got an offer or appointment letter from your new job, you should inform about your decision to leave the company to your boss. Face to face meeting is the right way rather than informing via telephone or email. It would leave a bad impression if he/she comes to know about this from any third person.

Serve the notice period

If your company is having any policy related to notice period, respect it. If it is of more than one month that your new company does not allow, you can have a word with your seniors to find out some way. Serving a notice of at least two weeks is a good way. Hand over your work and related things efficiently in that time to the concerned person.

Be prepared for the counteroffer

It is possible that you receive a counteroffer when you announce your resignation. Be ready to answer this. Make up your mind whether the money or promotion can are offered is enough to stay or it is not worthy in comparison to the new offer. You can also use this offer to make new company match it up and offer you better.

Be trustworthy to your present company

Even when you are leaving a company, you should return all the files or office property you have and make sure you do not disclose any confidential things to others.

Clean your desk before leaving

Someone will join in place of you so leaving your computer and desk well-managed and clean is important. This will leave a good impression on the newbie. If you get an office desk in your new office that is full of papers and mess, you would not like it at all. So, make sure you clean your office desk well before leaving.

Do not bring harshness in your tone

While talking to your boss or employees, do not leave your politeness. Being rude or harsh affects your image. Do not forget the new company may ask for a reference from the old company. So you should leave a good impression on your colleagues and boss while leaving the job.