Effective Tips For Hummingbird Friendly Content

Effective Tips For Hummingbird Friendly Content

Currently, Hummingbird algorithm redefined is gaining more attention. Millions of people relating to blog posts and articles are trying to understand the refreshed Google algorithm, Hummingbird. You might be thinking what bird has to do with SEO. This is named for the speed and accuracy of the little bird.

Hummingbird is an entirely new algorithm to make the search more accurate and efficient for search engine users. It approaches search engine queries in a completely innovative and intelligent way using the latest technology combined with older features of the present algorithms.

To know what hummingbird is or how to make your content new algo friendly, do not stab more in the dark; this post will help you gain precise knowledge you are looking for.

If you are working exactly as directed by the Google and are generating quality content, you are already leading the game. To become Hummingbird-friendly, you require fresh and unique content as content is still king for good and resulting SEO. Proper formatted content can help you pursue the almighty ranking.

Long tail keywords are of great help

Presently, using long trailed keywords can help you become visible. Long tail keywords can help user to find more accurate information precisely. You can use long tail keyword generating tools to get result-oriented keywords for your content.

Instructional content

The latest updated of Hummingbird aims to rank more significant content for natural queries and questions. By making your content more instructional and using titles stating with how to… or what to …, etc. you can crack the deal. Try to make your content educational in terms to relate with business, websites and products to match the queries.

Evergreen content can make you rule

Content without a shell life or expiry date are referred as evergreen content. Writing on the latest news and topics lacks interest with time. So, try to write innovative and long-lasting contents that are in demand forever. This can help in growing stronger ranking, authority, and traffic over time. You can update your content with time on same URL to achieve the eyeballs you are in search of.


We all are familiar about how debate is helpful in boosting traffic and rankings of your website. But are you actually doing so? This is because earlier the questions are totally company-specific. All are represented on a single page and are disgracefully weak to earn natural links. According to hummingbird FAQ trick, generate individual blog post or page answering every question. Then, link unswervingly to that page or post using the query itself as anchor text. This will not offer you with a dedicated page to rank for the query, but at the same time permits you to organize an interior link with rich anchor text.

Titles with – Top Tips

Using titles as top tips to… or 5 tips for… are always catching the eyeballs and are in the top searches. So, try to use interesting yet meaningful titles for your posts.

Case studies

This can be used to hit two birds with a single stone. Case study is focused on the victory of specific services or products. Generate the case study in a proper format and incorporate comprehensive info helping client to understand overall thing precisely.

At the end, bottom-line is, create fresh, interesting and unique content for you audience. And try to use the best way to make your content to crack the queries and attain the heights in search engine rankings.