Latest On-Page SEO Techniques To Improve Online Presence

Latest On-Page SEO Techniques To Improve Online Presence

SEO is the most popular and renowned technique to bring your website in the top rankings of search engines. SEO includes on page and off-page activities. Both are different from each other and effective for attaining social presence in search engines. Here, we are discussing some On-page SEO optimization.

To grow organic traffic to your website, significant changes have to be made in On-page SEO techniques. With the latest crucial strategies and proven methods, you can improve your rankings resourcefully.

Here, are some SEO on-page strategies that can help you in enhancing your online visibility.

Amend the site page around a specific topic or keyword –

Stuffing of keywords in the content is no more beneficial. Still, you require keywords for optimization. Keyword should appear in on page elements counting Meta titles, descriptions, image alt text, etc.

URL structure –

URL is the first thing used by search engine to determine the page rank. Therefore, use short, descriptive URL with keyword. This will make your website to easily get crawled in search engines.

Page Meta title and description –

Page title or title tag helps the browser and searchers to know about the page. Use punchy yet simplified titles between 50-60 characters. Try to use keyword in the beginning of the title as this will help the page to crawl effortlessly. Meta description should be of less than 150 characters containing keywords and describing the page in a crystal clear manner.

Use proper heading tags –

Highlight the title, important point and essence of your content by using h1 tag once in a page. You can use h2, h3, h4 tags for subtitles. This will help in making the page well-organized and simple to access. Do not repeat h2, h3, h4 tags as this can reflect bad impression.

Image alt text –

Images play important role to bring your blog in ranking. You can use multiple images with keyword in alt text to do a focused SEO. Use keyword in alt text in a smarter way to get more visibility.

Correct keyword density –

The appropriate keyword density in content is up to 1.5% percent with mix of LSI keywords. Use the main keyword in first and last paragraph. Insert other related keyword in the body of the content. You can highlight the targeted keyword by making it bold, italic or underline it.

Earn links instead of creating –

Give link of related articles between the articles and blogs. This will help you in getting genuine links and more exposure to the targeted audience.

Some effective checklist for striking on-page SEO optimization:

  • Keyword in permalink
  • Keyword in title
  • Keyword in first paragraph
  • Short, but concise URL
  • Interrelating links between the articles
  • Avoid special characters and symbols in URL
  • Add videos and images with keyword in alt text
  • Use H1 tag for main title and H2, H3 for sub titles.

With such useful and striking tactics you will make your website SEO full-proof. This will help you in improving your visibility quickly.