Bezel Set Princess Anniversary Ring

Bezel setting ring is an absolute solution for the people looking for the best and beautiful ring with extra protection for their precious stone. Bezel diamond ring offers a lot of security to the diamond as a metal frames covers the edge of the diamond from all the sides. It is a famous style for mounting gemstones on rings and other jewelry pieces. While choosing anniversary ring, engagement rings , or wedding ring, people get confused among the different settings and kinds of rings are available.

It offers several benefits counting –

Extra protection:-
You can wear a bezel set ring without the fear of losing the precious diamonds as the chances of diamonds to get out of the setting are none. It also protects t stone from damage when the ring encounters any hard surface.


The precious and delightful stone is held securely, with the edges of the girdle set into a small canal within the setting, with the crown lip of the metal creased down about the top ‘crown’ of the stone, securing it in place. This clutches the diamond in place much more steadily.

This ring is practically very good for wearing in daily use as are much lower contour than any other setting styles. These do not stand up tall and do not create a problem for the wearer’s finger. This is ideal for the doctors, females doing heavy exercise or involved in any such profession getting contact in heavy machinery.

You get great options like halo ring with bezel setting or Bezel Set Princess Anniversary Ring. These designs are possible with any diamond cut you want including square, princess, pave and many more diamond cuts. So, you are getting a beautiful ring with your favorite cut diamond with extra security for your diamond.

You can give a twist to your ring by selecting a ring of three stones or some other special unique designer ring. So, surprise your beloved with a special bezel anniversary ring and make her feel special and delighted.