How To Choose The Best Earring To Look Gorgeous

Similar to the apparels enhancing your looks, earrings are one of the finest ornaments perking up your appearance. Earring can add up a lot to your outfit and give you an enchanting appearance. But, every pair is not suitable for every girl. Earrings are a far-fetched way to add a special edge to an outfit. You buy outfits perfect shape, size, and pattern suiting you. Similarly, you should buy a pair of earrings based on your facial shape and skin tone. This will increase your natural beauty.

Some of the best type of diamond earrings suitable to which facial type including oval, heart, square, round, etc. are discussed below –

Round shape -
Round shaped faces are accurate as they sound. Long angular styles look perfect on the women with round shaped faces. A teardrop and dangle style also looks cool as this elongates their face. Prefer to buy medium or thin width diamond dangle earring , as this will dramatic change in your looks and enhance the feminine.

Oval shape -
Every kind of earrings looks stunning on oval shaped face Women with oval shaped face are lucky as they can put up any earring. . Dangling diamond earrings and teardrops are the best choices for them as these accentuate the natural shape of the face and craft a sense of symmetry or balance.

Square shape -
For the women with square shaped face, elongated, dangling and hoop earrings are most flattering. Round designed earrings will soften the jaw line and the cheekbones. A jumbo hoop earring that clash or widen below the jaw line like these dazzling diamond hoops looks perfect for this face shape.

Heart shape -
Medium-sized hoops, larger earrings, or earrings that flare at the bottom goes well with the heart shape faces. You can wear diamond floral halo earrings , for a change to dazzle the evening.

Narrow shape –
Pearl earrings are the best option for the girls with narrow faces as these add softness and minimize length. Keep in mind that long swing earrings tend to reduce the length of very narrow faces. When picking diamond or pearl dangle earrings, look for pieces with extended curves, adding softness and accentuating the cheekbones