The Variation Among Light, Medium, And Heavy Wedding Bands

When searching for some classy and stunning wedding bands online, you may come across some bands that are same in looks, but differ in price. You might be surprised and think is the online jewelry shopkeeper is cheating you or trying to fool you. No, but it is not the truth. Some wedding band appears the same, but originally they are not. They have a slight difference in their weight, design, etc. that brings the difference in price.

Let’s understand the difference between light, medium and heavy wedding bands.

Most of the wedding bands are weighed in grams and based on that, their price varies. There are three chief aspects that affect the weight of any bands and that affect the final cost of the band.

• The width of the band
• The finger size of the band
• The depth or thickness of the band.

Lightweight wedding bands –
The thickness of light wedding band is 1.3mm. These come under the category of slim and delicate wedding ring. These are affordable and stylish rings. Being lighter and thinner on the finger, it is less noticeable to the wearer and gives more relaxed feel when the fingers are closed.

Medium weight wedding bands –
Medium weight wedding bands comes with a depth of 1.7mm. These rings offer a perfect balance of weight as are neither too heavy nor too light. Its slimmer widths are preferred for engagement bands among couples. The depth of wedding band indicates whether the band is light or medium weight.

Heavy weight wedding bands –
Heavy weight wedding bands are of 2.1mm width. These are ideal for the people who want to have a heavy wedding band with a chunky feel. Adding a diamond with some special cut, add dazzling stars to the wedding band. You can buy a heavy wedding band of are having high budgets for your wedding band.

Whatever your choice is, the ring is the wedding ring. No matters whichever you choose, it is going to strengthen your bond of love and make you to be each other’s soul for the lifetime. The important thing is your love for your fiancé.

So, choose any of your liked wedding band from the vast collection available online and make the day memorable with some classy designer wedding bands

as a token of you never-ending love.