Wearing The Wedding Band On The Proper Hand

As per customs and traditions in most of the western countries, a wedding band is always worn on the ring finger of your left hand. This might differ in other cultures where bride and groom wear wedding rings on right hand. Certain lifestyle factors and symbolic meanings too make it more appropriate to wear a wedding ring on the opposite hand.

Historical Perception
The tradition of wearing a wedding band on the finger of left hand is a recent practice. It is assumed that before 1700s, people wore their wedding rings on the ring finger of right hand. It is said that even Romans wore wedding bands in right hands may be due to cultural belief that left hand was untrustworthy or sinister.

Differences in Cultures
The choice of hand also depends on cultural factors. Brides and grooms from several countries still wear their engagement ring and wedding bands on the right hand. As per the people in central and northern European countries, couples wear their rings on their right hand. The countries are:
• Austria
• Norway
• Poland
• Denmark
• Germany
• Some parts of Belgium

Couples in Germany usually wear a simple gold band as an engagement ring and place that band on the ring finger of left hand before getting married. After their marriage, they switch the place of the ring from left to right where it is considered to be the symbol of their union.

Modern Indian couples consider both left as well as right hand to be appropriate for wedding bands. Initially left hand was considered to be unlucky and unclean but this belief has changed recently. Today both the hands are acceptable for wedding rings.

As per the wedding traditions in Greece, bride and grooms have been wearing right handed wedding rings for many years. Modern Greek couples however often wear their rings on the left hand.

Some of the varied reasons
Traditions and customs are not just the only reasons why people choose to wear their wedding rings on right or left hands. Certain situations can also lead to these preferences. Reasons being:

Left handedness
Wearing the wedding band on left hand for left-handed people can get in the way of everyday tasks. It may cause damage to the ring if it gets banged. Instead wearing the ring on right hand is a better option and can prevent mishaps too.

Symbol of immortal love
When one partner dies, it becomes common for the other person to wear the ring on the right hand. The gesture indicates the undying bond with the deceased spouse.

The ultimate choice is yours
Eventually the choice of ring is a matter of personal preference as well as cultural traditions. There are no legal requirements for wearing a wedding ring on left or right hand since it is a symbol of love. Feel free to do what keeps you comfortable.