Things To Know About Radiant Cut Diamonds

Diamonds come in a variety of shapes and cuts. If you are looking for a substitute to the popular princess cut diamond, then a radiant cut diamond makes a classic and charming choice. It has an outstanding sparkle even if it’s mounted in a solitaire engagement ring or set in a beautiful wedding band. Before buying the diamond, make sure that you understand the basics of how this cut is graded.

A radiant cut is a hybrid shape, i.e. usually rectangular or square with slightly cropped corners. Such diamonds have an alluring sparkle and this makes it suitable for engagement rings.

Benefits of radiant cut diamonds
• The radiant cut offers a lot of benefits over other shapes of diamonds. It is popular because:
• A well cut radiant can appear to have a better diamond color than a simple cut stone.
• They don’t have delicate corners and are more durable which makes them suitable for an active lifestyle.
• Extra facets can help in concealing diamond flaws.
• It maximizes the diamond carats by using more visible gems.

Quality of Radiant cut
A precise cut is crucial for a radiant diamond shape for maximum brilliance. The precision of cut creates the heavy reflection and refraction within the stone and eliminates various dark areas. Improperly cut diamonds will have lower value and less brilliance. Improperly cut diamond will have lower value and less brilliant appearance which dampens the effect of its unusual shape.

Best setting for radiant cut
This diamond shape looks lovely as a solitaire and also in a three stone ring . They are also seen in wedding bands. Avoid using bezel setting with this band since the surrounding metal can dampen the famous fire and the reflection of light. To securely hold the stone in place you will need minimum of four prongs placed at the corners of the diamond.

Sparkle and Distinction
A radiant cut diamond is a elegant hybrid diamond cut that maximizes brilliance while retaining a unique rectangular or square shape. A couple can find beautiful radiant to celebrate their engagement or other special occasion by understanding the unique properties of the shape of diamond.

Engagement Rings
A radiant cut diamond adds a unique twist to a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring. It can be accented with other round gems or radiant cuts for a coordinated design.

Wedding Bands
Usually radiant cut diamonds are found in engagement rings but you can also find it in some wedding bands. You can consider the following options:
• Radiant cur five stone wedding band
• Radiant cur diamond eternity ring

Buying loose radiant cut diamonds
Purchasing a radiant cut diamond is like looking for any other shape as the same basics of diamond apply. A lot of couples prefer to purchase loose diamond since the cut and quality of diamond is very important. Many stores carry a good collection of radiant cut diamonds, you could have to shop around to find the carat weight you have in your mind.