Top 10 SEO Tips For Marketing Your Startup

Marketing as we know has become an integral part of every business. If you want your business to sustain in the competitive environment, you need to come up with a great marketing strategy. For marketing your startup in this era, you need to have SEO in place. When it comes to developing SEO for keeping your website at the top in the search engine results, the new face of the internet requires a fresh strategy.

Following are some new SEO techniques you can follow in 2015:

1. Figure out the target keywords for your business

A proper SEO research starts with targeting keywords. You can easily determine the keywords that are highly competitive based on your demographic and thorough analysis. This is the first step towards building rapport with your audience as what keywords you target will get your readers interested in your content.

2. Being responsive is essential

As per the new Google update, your website should be mobile friendly. A lot of searches are made nowadays through smart phones and tablets. For the convenience of user Google has asked webmasters to make their website responsive in order to avoid losing traffic that comes from mobile devices.

3. Keep it simple

Creating content for marketing a startup means making a connection with your target audience. The best way to send your information across someone who is not an industry expert is by keeping the content simple. The content should be simple enough for your audience to understand what you are implying.

4. Develop a marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is very important. It not only helps you in keeping a goal in mind but ensures that you chase your goal in a disciplined manner. It also helps you in analysing your target demographics, social media presence, and blog posting. When the content doesn’t perform as expected you can rectify your strategy.

5. Utilize the power of infographics

Infographics, in the past couple of years have made up a large portion of content that is produced and shared on the social media. To catch the attention of the reader, infographics utilize the power of both: a text based interface and graphical presentation to catch the reader’s attention.

6. Post relevant content

To attract new customers, you need to post relevant content. It not only helps in acquiring new customers but also helps in keeping the website active. You can also get good backlinks if your content is relevant and authentic. This in-turn helps in boosting the ranking of the website.

7. Prioritize

One of the factors that all startups need to consider is the value of prioritizing. Time is the most important resource in each and every business. To effectively manage your time, you need to be aware of what needs to be done first and balance it with whatever has the best impact on your audience.

8. Social media marketing

Social media marketing has become an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Hundreds of social networking channels are available today and as a startup you can’t focus on all the channels. You need to figure out your social networking channels that will benefit you the most. Doing some market research will help in understanding which social media channels you need to target and where your maximum audience lies.

9. Link building

Link building in modern time requires a proper understanding of how anchor tags work and how they can be utilized to increase your search engine rank. Link relevancy is the key in figuring out which sites are best linked to. Various tools like Mozbar allow you to quickly determine if the link is good or bad. Having good quality links is more important than simply having huge quantity of links.

10. Use Google Analytics

Numbers don’t lie and they tell you exactly where your company stands. Successes are important to celebrate and failures teach you to do better. Analytics help you to aim for a particular goal and are a pretty good guide to know how effective your marketing strategy has been and how it can be improved further.

Content marketing is likely to be more competitive in 2015. Startups should understand how a good content strategy can improve your SEO results. You can achieve wonders if you follow these SEO tips for marketing your startups.