5 SEO Tips To Boost Your Websites Search Ranking

As we all know, Google frequently updates its algorithm. Users need to be well versed with every latest update and execute accordingly. To land in the top spot of Google all website owners need to update their SEO approach. If you want to be organically visible in Google search, you should understand the need of Google. If you adhere to all the updates, Google will favour you or else you might get penalized.

To make sure your website is optimized, follow the underlying points:

1. Be Responsive

Considering the usage of mobile by users, Google’s latest update ‘Mobilegeddon’ has started favouring websites that are responsive. A lot of traffic these days is gained through mobile searches. In order to stay at the top spot in the search engine ranking, website owners should make their site mobile friendly. You can check whether your website is mobile friendly or not by Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. It is user friendly and you need to simply enter your website’s URL.

2. Know the user intent in keyword research

When a user searches a query on the internet, Google’s Hummingbird algorithm looks beyond keywords and focuses on user’s intent. This semantic search is bringing better results for website publishers who don’t depend on specific keywords. Instead of simply focusing on specific keywords and phrases, Google now focuses on broader spectrum of conversational phrase.

3. Understand Google’ updates

Google’s Penguin and Panda updates penalize websites that use link farms as an inorganic way to produce page visits. The website which purchases links from ‘link exchanges’ gets penalized. You need not worry if you are not manipulating the search engine optimization by purchasing backlinks. Google’s latest updates are designed to boost user experience. Websites that have high pop-up advertisements are considered low quality.

4. Check the Technical Side

When we talk about SEO, one needs to be technically sound. There are various tools available to scan your website. You can use SEO Power Suite’s user friendly Website Auditor to ensure you are not making elementary errors that can be avoided. The software conducts an online audit and provides you with useful tips to fix the errors.

5. Migrate to HTTPS soon

Make your website secured since Google rewards websites that use secure command protocol. Some people fear that migrating to HTTPS will make a website slow. This is not true and security is very essential for you as well as your visitors. Switching to HTTPS will send a quality sign to Google which will in turn benefit you.