Tips to make influencer

Tips to make influencer share your content

Completed your writing, feeling relaxed, yes you should be.

But, it would be disheartening when other people writing similar posts after you are getting more traffic than yours. The writer having fewer skills and a write up not as good as yours is getting more traffic, makes you feel disappointed especially when you spent a lot of time and hard work in it. And, it hurts more when you are using almost all useful SEO techniques and approach for making your content SEO friendly.

This is not your mistake. In such cases, they might be having several influencers sharing their content. Now it is your turn, let encourage your readers/influencers to share your content as it is the best way of locating folks who already shared something alike. In the present era, influencer marketing is the best strategies that imply you are having huge marketers out there desiring to build equally useful associations.

Here are some efficient tips to make influencer share your content

Share their content

First, find some reliable influencer shared similar posts earlier. To get noticed, you can share their content. Here, you need to play smart and fairly. Identify their most active platforms and focus on them. You can make use of social-media management tool to having a keen observation. You can re-tweet, like and share their content in your own way to get noticed.

Comment on their blog

Commenting on their blog is the best approach to connect with the influencer. If they are regularly active on the comments, it would be a good option.

Write good quality content

Now, it’s your turn to show your strength and impress the readers. Use the power of words you have and make your content relevant, informative, interesting and exciting to read. You can take help of the professional SEO content writers for making your content perfect and appealing.

Mention them in your content

Another way to make your influencer share your content is to mention them in your writing. You can share their quotes, tagline or links in some impressive way in your content.

Ask for sharing

After trying several indirect methods for making them share your content, you can ask them directly. Build a relationship with them as this will help in effective collaboration. You can contact or email them for sharing your content.