Reasons responsible for fall in the blog traffic

Reasons responsible for fall in the blog traffic

Desire to have huge traffic is the basic demand, every individual maintaining a blog look for. A blog without reliable and constant readers is incomplete. You might have got good number of readers in the beginning for your blog, but if the blog traffic is decreasing, you need to do something to maintain popularity of your blog.

Here are some reasons might be responsible for the falling rankings of your blog and methods to correct the flaws.

Less or not so interesting content

The first thing that makes your reader to return on your blog is your content. The content has to be interesting, clear and appealing. Whatever topic you are choosing for your blog, it should relate to your readers in some ways. Your content should contain facts and attractive words in right way to attract readers and make them to come back for more. Adding keywords and other seo strategies smartly to clear the tests of google algorithms is important. But, make sure this do not affect readers in any ways.

No regular updates

Writing and updating the blog is as important as writing good content. If you are not regular on your blog, do not expect regular readers as they have several options online. So, make a strategy and be update blog on a regular basis. You need to make a balance of good and regular writing for maintaining a decent reader base.

Not using social media properly

Social media always plays a vital role in increasing the reach of your content, and also in influencing your rankings on the SERP. Hence, your blog is required to be active on the social media. Doing so is very easy as you need to post and link your latest posts to the social platforms for more views and reaching more readers.

More you use the social media efficiently for drawing more followers to your blog, more your rankings will improve. Let the followers and readers enjoy your posts, content, photos, etc.

No check on the rankings

Along with good writing, you need to keep an eye on the SERP rankings of your blog. If your rankings are fallen, it is quite possible your rankings are going down. This can be due to several reasons so identifying the exact problem is important to find ideal solution. Take help of professionals offering website SEO Analysis Services in Mumbai to gain the rankings if needed.

Check out the google updates that affects SERPs. Update your site or blog as per the updates to be in the top rankings.

Using black-hat SEO

Knowingly or unknowingly, using black hat SEO techniques can hurt your blog rankings very badly. So avoiding it at all cost is important as this can provide you fast but temporary results.