Tiffany Setting Diamond Wedding Ring – Bold And Beautiful

The Tiffany setting diamond wedding ring is a simple, bold, and beautiful choice. It has six prongs safely holding a dazzling round brilliant-cut diamond roughly its girdle, inspiring it over a pure platinum band. The prongs or claws are spaced equally around the edges of the stone, imitating the symmetry of the shape of the diamond efficiently.

Whatever is your preference in choosing the size of the ring, all are easily available in such setting. You can buy this ring in size between 4 and 11, together with half sizes. Due to its simple band, this ring is a big entrant for resizing if you finger size changes or you want to give it your daughter as your token of love on any special occasion in life.

Benefits of a Classic Tiffany Solitaire

There are numerous of reasons to deem a solitaire with the Tiffany setting -

As the setting is prominent and open among the prongs, it permits the utmost amount of light into the stone, highlighting its reflective and refractive properties that create the distinctive diamond fire and sparkle. The setting with six prongs makes the ring safe and eye-catching. Its prongs are completely safe and finely spaced making it durable and enhance the beauty of the stone.

The size of the solitaire ring appears bigger in size because of the openness of the setting. It brings great choice to select higher quality though smaller stone devoid of losing the plea of a flawless wedding ring.

You can get your liked tiffany setting wedding ring from the online jewelry stores. You can choose from the huge collection offered by them to perfectly meet your budgets and taste. Whether you prefer platinum or white gold, diamond of any carat, the professionals to give you the best ring you deserve and desire can easily personalize all.