Perfect Engagement Ring To Symmetry Practicality With Beauty

You might be very good in the knowledge of gemstones and precious metals, but choosing the ideal diamond engagement ring for fiancée is Achilles heel for many. It becomes more difficult when the girl is active. Active means involved in hard physical activities like weight lifting or mountain biking or involved in some jobs like a police officer or a doctor, or is much more involved in gardening, etc. for such women, special attention, and care has to be given while buying an engagement ring.

The durability of the engagement ring is the most important factor to be considered while buying the one for your beloved as it is going to be the token of your love for her for the lifetime. You should buy a ring with minimum risk of being damaged. Continuously removing your ring when working due to the fear about it getting damaged makes it more likely it may get misplaced or you lose it.

So, what should you look while buying an engagement ring fitting in well with her life?

Diamond setting style –

The most protective and effectual setting for a secured ring is bezel setting as it provides a rim of protective metal around the edge of your center stone. This secured the delicate border of the stone from chips. It has typically very low outline with the peak of the diamond not elevated high up above the ring band that makes it beautiful and less likely to hitch on clothing, or anything else.

Stone choice –

Different kinds of beautiful gemstones are used in creating elegant and designer rings. Diamonds are considered as the strongest and beautiful stone for your ring. You can choose diamond of different color if having some special taste and choice about the colorful stone engagement ring.

Stone shape –

When we talk about the durability of the engagement ring, minimizing the snagging is an important factor. Sharp points and corners are the major cause of snag. So, center stones with defined points like the Marquise, Pear, or heart-shaped diamonds should be avoided. Round or oval shapes go well for the girls involved in physical worked regularly.

Metal choice –

You should the metal best fitting in her lifestyle. Consider the hardness and toughness of the metal. Hardness is the resistance to being broken and toughness is the resistance to being twisted.

Considering these factors will help you in getting the most beautiful and durable engagement ring for your beloved that she can wear all the time without the fear of losing it.