Diamond Engagement Rings – best gift for your lover

Diamond engagement rings are symbol of romance, commitment and everlasting love. Engagement rings are worn on third finger of the left hand and it indicates that you are getting married soon. It represents a new beginning of your life and a future which is full of new hopes and dreams.

From many centuries diamonds are considered as a symbol of true love and you can find wide range of beautiful designer diamond engagement rings and you can select according to your choice. But before buying your engagement ring you must review the main four factors which are color, carat, cut and clarity. These four factors help you in finding the ideal diamond engagement ring. Among all these four factors the cut of the diamond is the most important factor. The cut of diamond determines its brilliance and sparkle and also plays a very significant role in price of the ring. Another C which is the carat is the weight of diamond and is measured in carat. Color of diamond also plays a very significant role in the price of the ring. You can find diamond in fancy color but always remember that colored diamonds are expensive compare to colorless diamonds.

It is very important to select engagement ring very carefully because it is worn by your lady for lifetime. You must be careful before selecting the material and size of the ring. Before purchasing the ring ask the size of her ring finger but if you are planning of giving her a surprise then you can know her size by asking her relatives, family or friends.