SEO Strategies For Image Based Websites

In the current era, every individual is a photographer. The trend of sharing pictures of every moment on social media is spreading its wings worldwide. And, the availability of Smartphone with the good camera at cheap rates is like adding fuel to the fire. This is making hard for photography sites to come on top of the search engines. If you own an online business, then images can help you a lot to gain more attention of potential clients. Image optimization is an ultimate way to build a successful e-commerce business. Thus, to compete and stand ahead from the crowd SEO is the ideal approach.

Many people think that SEO for image heavy sites or blogs is not doable. But, the fact is totally different. It is easier than a content-based site. With image optimization, you can open doors for the potential audience to find you easily and let you towards success. Whether you desire your images to go viral or turn your site into a famous photo hub, SEO is an excellent method for generating traffic. SEO for images not only improve your ranking in the SERPs but at the same time streamline the website’s brand for augmented visibility and gets it associated with influencers in the trade.

Here are some effective tips you can follow and rule the search engine –

Use proper alt tags –

Search engines process images on the bases of alt tags. Alt tag is a text alternative to your image. Keyword-rich alt tag can help in improving the visibility of your website. Every image on your site should have a unique alt tag, describing itself including relevant keywords. It should be done in few words without keyword stuffing approach.

Title tags –

In addition to alt tag, using title tag is a good way to attract people. The title tag is different from alt tag. In title tag, you can give further details about the image. It appears when the mouse is moved over the image.

Caption –

Using caption with a keyword can do a lot for decreasing the bounce rate of your site. Try to use engaging and funny captions as it lessens blood pressure and is excellent for SEO.

Image format –

You might be confused about what image format you should use. So, JPEG is the best format considered. You should keep the size of your pictures not to big as this may take the time to load and people do not like to wait.

Use image sitemaps –

It is not so friendly, but effective method. By creating a sitemap for your website images in an appealing and neat XML fashion, you are attaining image discoverability.

Backlinks to images –

It is a tactic similar to On-page and Off-page backlinking technique.

Along with this, you can get more traffic by:

  • Keeping your images of a particular size
  • Submitting images on bookmarking sites
  • Promoting via social media platforms
  • Submitting on directories
  • Inviting guest posts
  • Promoting on photo bloggers or similar websites.

With these techniques, no one can stop you from attaining the desired results. So, start accordingly today and get the results in a short span of time.