8 Common SEO Mistakes Hurting Your Rankings

8 Common SEO Mistakes Hurting Your Rankings

You have decided to concentrate on SEO to get traffic on your website. You are optimizing everything to make the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to bring up millions of visitors daily at no cost. Hence, you rush for doing effective keyword research, wrote phrases to get traffic and loads of links, expecting to view your website begin climbing in the search engine rankings.

And it does, but slower than your expectations.

Wondering what went wrong?

Countless blogs and websites are introducing on a daily basis making the competition be in the top rankings is increasing at a rapid rate. And to beat everyone and hit the rankings, effective and perfect SEO is required.

Here are some tactics that you should add to your website’s peril –

Keywords without research –

Don’t think SEO is just to get enormous traffic. In the end, it is all about the conversation. So, do a proper research about the keywords related to your website or blog to understand the areas of interest of the audience. This will help you in targeting the right traffic in a little time.

Keyword stuffing –

Got the latest and effective keywords, now what? Stuffing the keywords is a very bad strategy that not only looks unethical, but at the same time affects your rankings. Create separate pages, if you want to rank for a bouquet of keywords.

Forgot alt tag –

Simply putting images cannot help you make your website ranks. Using proper alt tags is very important to bring it in the search rankings. Alt tags give a unique identity and aid in making your website visible.

Duplicate content –

You might be looking to the content of your competitors’ site. Simply copying the content or title cannot help you to gain ranking. You need to have unique content to win the race. So, avoid using duplicate content and let new ideas add fresh content flood that can help to gain social visibility. Avoid grammar errors in your site content to appear as a good website in search.

Broken links or 404 errors –

It appears very bad when a visitor click on and an error message occurs. Using optimized 404 error page can reduce the bounce page, but be sure in what you are doing.

Building wrong links –

Building links is a good SEO strategy, but building wrong links just to build links can hurt your rankings. You need to have genuine and high-quality links to reach in the top rankings.

Lacking unique title and Meta descriptions –

While crawling Google look for the Meta title and descriptions. So, you need to provide unique and keyword-rich title and description to describe your website in a short, but effective way.

Inactive on social media –

Use social media for promoting your services and products. Today, from a school going student to retired senior, all are connected to social platforms. So, be visible on social media platforms to reach your targeted audience fruitfully.

Not using SEO properly –

Don’t take the SEO lightly. SEO techniques are to be used prolifically to attain desired rankings in the search engines/ make proper strategies and planning to achieve what you are looking for.