Saving Money on purchase of a Clarity Enhanced Diamond

Saving money at the time of purchase of clarity enhanced diamond is something very important and needs to be taken into consideration. Many people most of the times think that the purchase of less priced clarity enhanced diamond fades with its shine making it appear horrible. But that is not at all true enough to assume as individuals sometimes may not understand clarity enhanced diamonds or might be they are simply trying to scare you to make you buy diamond from them. However, it is even very important to make a note that there are also non-enhanced diamonds available with all certifications like EGL and GIA certified diamonds. So it makes no sense if you purchase clarity enhanced diamonds or a non-enhanced diamonds from GIA. Therefore, many individuals prefer to sell clarity enhanced diamonds due to its excellent value to offer customers that require larger diamond for fewer prices.

The color grade of a clarity diamond will never fade with the period. During the time when you enhance the clarity grade of a diamond, you are not changing the original grade of a diamond. So in case if you purchase a clarity enhanced diamond that is perfectly colorless “D” color grade, it will never ever change. The similar applies to each and every color grades of clarity enhanced diamonds and therefore, the color never changes and it also applies same with the “cut grade”. Also if you buy a clarity enhanced diamond along with an “ideal” cut grade then you will always have an ideal cut diamond. Therefore, the cut grade will never be influenced by the clarity enhancing procedure. Always keep in mind that you are not amplifying the cut grade or color grade of a clarity enhanced stone. You are just “Enhancing the clarity grade”.

The entire worst case which will affect to your clarity enhanced diamond in case if the material utilized to enhance it is reversed is that you will be possible to see the feather which was enhanced. It will therefore not turn in to a black lump of coal, also not crumble into numerous pieces, not even turn yellow or green but will become worthless very soon.  Frankly speaking a good quality clarity enhanced diamond can also look prettier having worth of huge money in case if the enhancement process is reversed compared to fewer diamonds those are not enhanced.

If you purchase S12 diamond along with a J color grade with simply a good or fair cut then you are not purchasing a very nice diamond as it will have visible flaws whereas the J color will appear to be yellowish with poor cut grade where your diamond will not sparkle. Even the opinion that each and every clarity diamond is less valuable or less desirable compared to all non-enhanced diamonds simply does not create sense. Hence, it does not mean that each and every person in the world must just go out and buy clarity enhance diamonds. In this case you have to make the perfect choice for yourself. If you have enough budgets to spend $6000 to $10,000 on a 1 carat engagement ring or $15,000 to $25,000 on 2 carat engagement rings, then you will surely get the best on GIA certified diamond engagement rings. In case if you do not have enough money to spend or if have it then would either spend it on some other stuff where you can be convinced making your clarity enhanced diamond engagement ring to stay forever beautiful with you.