Different Types Of Diamond Pendants

Diamond pendants are loved by everyone. They make a style statement whenever you wear them. Pendants go well with all attires. Be it casuals or elegant evening gowns. With a variety of options available today, selecting one perfect diamond pendant is tricky. While buying a diamond necklace or pendant you need to be well versed with its grading. Diamonds as we know are graded depending on the 4 Cs (Cut, carat, color, clarity). Not just the grading, but they are available in various settings too. Prong, bezel and illusion settings are some of the common settings.

Apart from the basic grading and settings of diamond, the pendants are classified in the following three types.

Three stone and journey pendants
Three stone pendant designs are often presented as romantic gifts and are said to represent the past, present and the future. The three diamonds form a vertical line. Other styles group them in a horizontal row of gems or in a triangular shape. Stylish variations on the decorative metal work and channel settings complement the trio of diamonds. The theme of diamond journey pendant is similar. A curving row represents the path which life takes and each diamond is larger than the previous. This emphasizes the best is yet to come. Even without knowing its actual symbolic meaning, the design looks beautiful owing to its sizable diamond and elegant curves.

Diamond cluster pendants
The grouping of small stones that have the impact of a larger diamond is known as diamond cluster. It comes at an affordable price. It could resemble an oval, round or pear shaped diamond solitaire along with other geometric shapes. For cluster pendants, stars, flowers and stylized snowflakes have appealing design. The setting styles vary in this. Most cluster pendants integrate pronged styles while others use bezel or channel set stones for a smoother look.

Pendant themes
Pendant comes in variety of themes such as flowers, hearts etc. They are graced with thousands of pendant designs. Symbols, figures and initials become more elegant when glittering diamond covers it. Hearts are associated with romantic gestures and are hence pretty popular. Heart shapes signifies lasting affection towards a person, so it’s a good choice while gifting. Floral designs appear in diamonds and are pretty trendy too. Initials of a person’s name never go out of style. A lot of fine jewelry designs have drawn inspiration from the fun styles of fashion jewelry. Crosses and other religious symbols make meaningful and beautiful pendants.