Popular and Trendy styles in Diamond Rings

Diamond engagement rings are the most beautiful and meaningful gift which you can give to your lady love because diamond rings are symbol of devotion and true love. You can select an engagement ring according to the preference of her. But if you want to give her a surprise then you can select the ring by your own. For this you must have the knowledge of her style and her size of the ring finger.

There are variety of styles in diamond rings such as vintage, three stone, solitaire, antique and many others. You can also buy an engagement ring with a matching band. If you want to buy a high quality of diamond ring then the best option for you is to buy the engagement ring settings separately from diamonds. You can examine the quality of diamond completely in purchasing loose diamonds. Three stone diamond engagement rings are very popular this time because they represent a relationship’s past, present and future. You can find different style, design, shape and color in three stone diamond rings. If you want then you can design your own ring by using your birthstone. Solitaire diamond engagement rings are also very popular style. You can find the ring in any shape like heart, round, radiant, pear, oval, marquise and cushion. But the most common cut is princess. You can set them in a thin or wide band and can set a single stone in the centre of the band. Vintage engagement rings and antique diamond rings if you are very romantic then the best option for you is to purchase vintage diamond engagement rings or antique diamond rings. These rings have a very romantic history and express richness of true love. You can also design your own ring with an antique look.

Designer Diamond engagement rings are expensive and lifetime commitment so you must take care of your diamond ring. You should keep your ring in a safe location so that it is well protected. Always remember that diamonds have the ability to scratch other diamonds so never store your diamond ring with other jewelry.