Phenomenon of a Shape

Can you suggest different shapes of diamonds ? One of the popular is round shape and then is the marquise, oval, pear, emerald, heart, triangle, radiant and princess are the different shapes of a diamond. Even stars, horse heads and boots are few of the others.

From the entire above, round shape diamond are considered as one of the original and traditional with more facets and branded cuts with copyright designs with the purpose of the placement of facets. The round shape diamond is considered to be one of the brilliant with more sparkle. This symmetrical round cut brilliant stone with 58 facets comprises with the capability to give out much of the light in return. However, addition of the facets doesn’t guarantee a brighter diamond but however, the shape matters the most.

Therefore, it is always advised to purchase a diamond from reputable jewelers only due to the reason of dullness of the brilliance and fire of the diamond. Only select those which are registered with a trading body like British Jewelers Association with allowance of consumer feedback report.