Perfect Jewelry Box For Your Engagement Ring

The engagement jewelry box is as important as the ring itself since it symbolizes commitment and love. There are fortunately many types of boxes to select from. Choose the one that perfectly showcase the ring in all its glory. While popping the question many wonder if there is any need for the box of engagement ring. Though proposal without a ring box seem discreet and elegant, it can also be dangerous. It is designed to not just look good but also protect the ring from scratches, damages and loss. Once the girl accepts your proposal hand her the box too so that she can securely place the engagement ring whenever she isn’t wearing it.

Types of engagement ring jewelry box designs

A variety of jewelry boxes are available in different designs that highlight the elegance and luxury. Some of the popular box designs include:
1. Arched or flat lids that may be lined with silk or velvet.
2. Shapes such as rectangle, square, oval or octagons. Select a box that complements the shape of the engagement ring and creates a graceful appearance.
3. Innovative shapes such as domes, hearts, roses or crowns that can be used as keepsakes or can substitute the wedding ring pillow.
4. Customized boxes that comprises of memorable dates, initials or other sentiments engraved in the box.
5. Materials like velvet, wood, silk, glass, leather etc
6. Supremely detailed jewelry boxes coated with crystals, beads and shells or embellished with tassels, mirrors and other intricate accents.
7. Music boxes that add a romantic element to the box.
8. Colorful boxes including red, ivory, white, green etc

How to store the ring after proposal
Once you have accepted the proposal, it is essential to store the engagement ring properly so that it sparkles and look its best during the wedding. The ring should be ideally kept in the box when it is not worn to avoid damaging it. Never keep the diamond ring in a jumble of jewelry as the diamond can scratch other gems and metals.

An engagement ring jewelry box is a very essential tool for keeping the ring secure and safe. It also acts as a beautiful case for displaying your treasured ring. You can either keep it in a classic velvet box or elaborately designed box, it will surely be highlighted as a beautiful icon.

With so many types of boxes available, it is essential to remember that the box itself is not that important but the engagement ring is! The ring should be proudly displayed in the box without overshadowing it. Most jewelers provide a basic engagement ring box when you purchase the ring. It is usually plain or has the name of jeweler is imprinted on it. There are various specialty stores that offer a variety of beautiful designs for jewelry boxes.