designer engagement rings

Latest engagement ring trends to choose the perfect ring

Numerous of designer engagement rings are peppered across the online jewelry stores and related websites. These cover several designs, styles, patterns and options to pick from. Finding the perfect ring in such conditions is similar to finding a needle in the haystack. Buying an expensive engagement ring is a big decision as you are going to invest huge bucks in doing so. Some of the latest engagement ring trends are discussed here, that will help you buying the best ring for you.

Rose gold ring with diamonds

The romance and warmth of rose gold can be your metal if you love vintage inspired engagement ring design. Rose gold is becoming the most desired and precious metal for engagement rings. Rose gold engagement ring look modern styled that is ideal to win hearts. It perfectly matches with any outfit.

Multiple gems in a single ring

Choosing a ring with multiple gemstones including diamonds and some other colorful stones like ruby and emerald is a good choice. You can pick your birthstone as the centre stone surrounded by two small sparkling diamonds. It looks stunning and also presents various health benefits to you as well.

Unique setting of diamonds

Today’s generation love to have some stylish and designer rings that are one of a kind. You can choose some vintage designer rings with some amazing diamond settings as these look fabulous with any outfit. These have own charm and beauty.

Different shaped diamonds

Round diamonds are the all time favorite of brides for their engagement and wedding rings. Round diamonds reflects great sparkle, charm, and delight so many girls love round diamonds for their engagement ring. But, for a unique touch, many couples are picking some special diamond cuts and shaped diamonds like pear cut, heart-shaped, square-cut and so on.

Blending of two metals

The blending of two distinct valuable metals is commonly seen in the vintage engagement rings. This is rare in the latest ring designs, so you can choose two metals for giving an antique style touch to your ring. A ring with two tones looks awesome with the delightful diamonds and other precious gemstones.