Asscher Cut and Emerald cut engagement rings

Choose among Asscher Cut and Emerald cut engagement rings

Asscher Cut diamonds are stunning diamonds with 58 facets having very deep customized step cut that crafts an attention-grabbing almost bottomless fascinating effect. Many people get confused between the square emerald cut diamonds and Asscher cut diamonds. These look a bit same but are have a difference. Several individuals choose among Emerald cut engagement rings and Asscher cut rings.

Both the designs are loved by individuals and are known for the classic step cut faceting and sparkle. You can easily differentiate the Asscher cut and square emerald cut diamonds by knowing these differences.


Shape of the emerald cut diamonds is rectangular, elongated shape while Asscher cuts are naturally square. An Asscher cut with a length to width fraction of 1.00 will be entirely square, but most Asscher cut diamonds with a fraction of 1.06 or underneath will emerge square to the amateur eye.


These two differ in cuts as well. Emerald cuts are broader have more open tables than Asscher cut diamonds. It represents elegant and classic appearance. Blemishes on the table of an emerald cut diamond will be incredibly noticeable. So, it is preeminent to spotlight on receiving the finest clarity grade possible while shopping for an emerald cut.


These are unique as have no brilliance. They are cut for their luster and clarity so nothing is secreted. So it is recommended to buy an Asscher cut or emerald cut diamond with least amount of an H Color.

Both diamonds looks stunning in the different ring setting. To add more sparkle and brilliance, you can mix and match them with other diamond cuts surrounding the center stone.

So, based on these points it would become easier for you to pick the best Asscher cut or emerald square diamond for a beautiful engagement ring embracing your love, emotions and the beginning of your love relationship.