Know Different Types of Gastroenterology Disorders to Prevent Them

General gastroenterology problems like constipation, irregular bowel syndrome, etc. do not cause any severe harm to an individual. But, some problems like anal fissures, hemorrhoids, fistulas, perianal abscesses, diverticular diseases, perianal infections, colon polyps, colitis, and cancer can be life-threatening when getting worse.

To get cured of any gastroenterology disorder you need experienced and professional Gastrointestinal Specialist London. Highly-skilled Surgeons and Physicians can provide you with the best possible care and treatments.

With a healthy lifestyle and knowledge about such problems in advance, you can avoid them. Here, are some gastroenterology conditions discussed -

Mainly, there are two types of gastroenterology disorders i.e. functional disorders and structural disorder. Functional disorders are those in which the gastrointestinal tract appears normal but not working as it should do. Irritable bowel syndrome and constipation are its most familiar examples.

Some of the reasons behind functional disorder are having low fiber diet, no regular or enough exercise, change in routine or traveling, eating more airy items, stress, avoiding urge of bowel movement, overuse of laxative that abate the bowel muscles, access consumption of antacid medicines that contains aluminum or calcium.

Structural disorders are those in which bowel appears abnormal and do not work as they should do. You can remove the abnormality by surgery. Diverticular disease, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, etc. are some of the common structural GI disorders.

Several diseases of the rectum and colon can be minimized or prevented by living a healthy way of life, practicing high-quality bowel routine and bowel cancer screening. With proper care and regular visit to the doctor, you can stay healthy and fit.