Jewelry – Season of Allergy

Many people are very sensitive to their jewelry. How it is caused and what can be done to cure it? Certainly, it is an allergy to the alloys present in gold.  In case if your ring is white gold then usually it is a nickel present to it that not only creates the gold white but even causes allergy.  It so happens sometimes that even your finger may turn black or red creating into an itchy sensitivity. For overcoming this allergy, the ring is coated with rhodium, but however the coating will fade away within a year or so. Moreover, it is not very expensive coating it with rhodium.

Switching on to several other metals like platinum, palladium or silver can be a very suitable alternative. From this platinum can be the best option as it is naturally white but even very hypoallergenic. It is much compressed compared to that of gold making it more heavier ring. Also if the price per ounce were almost similar with that of gold then you might have to pay much of it just for ring that is resembled. However, it lasts longer as well as very resistant compared to that of gold. Rings, prongs as well as dissected patterns are more durable with platinum.

In order to brighten, the finish platinum ring are coated with rhodium. Moreover, there is a common objection from many individuals is that after certain period of time this coating fades away making the platinum look dull. The polishing of the ring can be done again or else simply keep wearing the ring and then the patina captures the “polish” itself.