Perfect guide on Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds are very popular now-a-days. They are found in different shapes and sizes which are mostly preferred by couples to select their diamonds as per the setting which is an absolute to create perfect rings as per their desire. Also, loose diamonds can be a great help to them who would like to replace old diamonds within a setting that a person admires or if it is a family heirloom.

Loose diamonds can be selected from various shapes such as tear drop, oval, triangle and round. Even carat weight, color and pricing can be chosen as per an individual’s preference thus saving money other than purchasing a whole ring suitable with their budget.

There are various jewelry stores which offer the choice of buying loose diamonds instead of a whole ring. For men wanting to buy their girlfriend or wife loose diamonds, they can help you with the selection. Moreover, it is essential to query while buying loose diamonds for the purpose of getting quality making worth the money that has been invested. Individuals are also supposed to have knowledge related to 4 C’s i.e. Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat which will help to evaluate the quality of the diamond. Cut and clarity are one of the most important features for those who are thinking to invest on loose diamonds to estimate the flawless diamond. Other then cut and clarity, color is also a vital factor. Though white is the most common color, they are even found in several other colors. The less colorless diamonds the more it reflects the light and the larger is the loose diamond the more it is expensive.