Is it worth to Invest on Certified Diamonds

Investors are always hunting for suitable opportunity to invest their money. While real estates are on demand on the other side stock markets are fluctuating. So, let’s ponder on to where finally investors opt to invest their money with the situation.

Valuable metals as well as Gemstones

At times it so happens that wise investors do not have enough confidence on the economic structure generated by people. Then they prefer to approach on the assets created by: precious metals like platinum, gold, copper and silver as well as valuable gemstones such as certified diamonds.

Certified Diamonds

Diamonds are created from pure carbon known as one of the hardest material found on Earth. Such valuable gemstones are very precious as miming them leads to be very costly as well as labor intensive thus resulting into unexpected outcomes through the process.

Specialist approximate that labors are suppose to mine and develop up to 250 tons of ore to manufacture one carat, gem superiority diamond which can be utilized in jewelry. Approximately one-fifth of each mined diamonds are assumed as a precious stone quality further which they are cut and even faceted as per the considerations to improve the ordinary features of the gemstone and thus such gemstones are utilized in the business of jewelry. The additional four-fifths of mined stones are utilized for stone saw blades, numerous cutting equipments as well as several other industrial functions.

Grading of Diamonds

Gem-quality stones are being graded based on color, clarity, cut as well as carat weight. Color grading vary from "D" to "Z," with an absolute colorless stone achieving a grade of "D" and a yellow diamond is being evaluated as "Z". However, investors look for stones that are graded as "I" or improved. The clarity grade evaluates flaws which influence the clarity of the stone. Internally perfect diamonds accept an "IF" grade whereas imperfect diamonds achieve an "I3" grade.

Cut is considered to the structure of the stone such as round, heat, marquise, pear shaped, emerald cut, oval as well as radiant. Carat is considered as an ordinary unit which is utilized to determine the weight of the stone where one carat is equal to 200 milligrams.

Certification of the Diamond

Investment on excellence certified diamonds are certified by self-governing institutes who are professionally engaged into certifying of gemstones rather than selling them. There are various gemstone dealers as well as brokers who focus on certification from the two trustful certifying organizations in the industry like Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and European Gemological Laboratory (EGL).


Certified diamonds are dealing commodities which fluctuate with the prices. The shortage of excellent grade certified stones which are affected with their pricing.

Improvement in the Value

Other than any kind of investment, certified gemstones vary with the prices. Usually, bigger gemstones will boost in pricing much sooner compared to smaller stones. Therefore, it is advised for investors to buy higher certified stones which they are much affordable other than making investment in smaller diamonds . Hence, a better investment will give optimistic results.