6 Smart Ways To Save On Your Engagement Ring

Marriage is a big decision for everyone. Everything needs to be done perfectly, including selecting the best venue, the best outfit and the best engagement ring. Selecting an engagement ring is a pretty difficult task as it needs a thorough understanding of jewelry and the personality of your bride. The price of engagement ring might be too much for you. So how would you select the perfect engagement ring without breaking the bank?

Following are some smart ways to save on your engagement ring:

1. Stick to your budget
You must always set a budget before buying an engagement ring. Set a realistic budget and stick to it. Budget should be such that it won’t make you bankrupt and at the same time get you a pretty diamond ring.

2. Understand the cut of diamond
Understanding the 4C’s of diamonds i.e. cut, clarity, color and carat is very essential. The cut of diamond is very critical as it determines the brilliance of diamond. More than the size of the diamond, you should care about its cut.

3. Think outside the box
You are not required to buy rings like everyone else. You can opt for some unique design and types. You can browse through various options and look for a cheaper one.

4. Reduce half a carat
You can save a lot of money if you understand how the pricing system works. The price of diamond is based largely on carats. So you can reduce your carat and save a significant amount of money. The minor difference in size will go unnoticed.

5. Check the return policy
You should be prepared for the negative opinions that your ring might get. What if your fiancée doesn’t like the ring? What if the return policy of ring is just 24 hours or it has no return policy at all? You need to check the return policy of the ring before itself to save yourself from the unnecessary hassles.

6. Buy certified jewelry
You need to check if your diamond is certified by at least one of the independent grading agencies. All diamonds are not created equally, so do not buy them unless you have seen its certification.

If you follow the above mentioned steps, you will save a great deal on your diamond engagement ring. If you have proper knowledge of diamond and its pricing then you can surely make the best of your budget.