Ideas To Arrange More Things In Less Storage Space

Sometimes small space becomes a big problem for us. We like to keep our home and office arranged and organized and for doing so, we use different types of storage furniture. In offices, we can store the files in filing cabinets, books in bookcases, drawers and other storage furniture for keeping the other office belongings safe and secure. But, when it comes to home for storing the clothes and accessories, many of us found need of more storage furniture. But buying or keeping new cupboards or storage furniture may not be easy for everyone, hence we should learn to store more in less space.

Here are some fruitful and effective ideas that can help in arranging your stuff in less space.

Use the doors of the cupboard

Using the doors of the cupboards and other storage units for hanging the hats, bags, purse is a good option. You can use the doors vertically for keeping your bags, purses, etc. secure and efficiently. This will also ease you to get what you want instantly as will be in front of your eyes.


To use your drawers at its max, keep the clothes folded. You can make some dividers or partitions in the drawer to keep your different sort of clothes sorted that is easy to find when needed. Optimize the space by keeping the t-shirts and stoles rolled as it will acquire less space and more things can be kept in small space.


For increasing the utility of the deep and long shelves is using the shelve extenders. For using long shelves, make some temporary dividers vertically so that you get two racks instead of one shelf for keeping more things in a well-organised manner.

Use the used office bookcases

If you are having an old used office bookcase, make it your new storage unit. You might not be having books to store, but the bookcase can be used for storing other essentials like clothes, your accessories, and shoes or simply to keep decorative items for enhancing the looks of your place.