Guidelines for increasing life of used office chairs

Buying expensive office chairs is a big task for many business owners. They want the best quality office furniture, but all may not have the time, budgets for investing in the same. But, that doesn’t mean that they should compromise with quality as it directly affects the health of individuals. The best way to hit two birds with a stone is buying second hand office chairs. The used office chairs and other furniture are available at very affordable prices over the online furniture portals that provide wide variety of options and choices.

With this furniture, you can make your workplace more productive and efficient for your employees. These chairs are like new one in looks as well as in work. Purchasing the used office furniture doesn’t mean that these would not give you long term service. The value of used office furniture can be increased by giving it renovation and proper maintenance from time to time. Today, you can increase the life of your furniture in various ways.

Some of the easy to follow tips to keep your used office chairs and other furniture new like are

Lubricating the wheels and spindles clean

Most of the office desks are set on free-rolling wheels, leasing for mobility in the office and letting employees to access their whole desk easily. The wheels of the chair with time and use get filled with the dust, dirt and other material that causes the movement of the wheels and chair slow. Hence, cleaning and lubricating the wheels from time to time is important for increasing the life of your office chairs.

Give a regular check to the screws

Several types of office chairs have screws in their manufacturing and that provides strength and keeps the chair in right shape. With time the screws may get lose, lost or rusted. Giving a proper check to the screws regularly is good for improving the working and life of the chairs.

Change the covers

If your chairs are having covers on the back support or on seat, let them cleaned at a regular basis as this will maintain and extend the look of the chair.