Ideas For Marriage Proposals For Woman

A woman who plans to initiate a marriage, to some extent needs to research about ideas for marriage proposals. In today’s world both men and women have equal rights to propose and in fact the number of women proposing marriage is growing over time. It is cliché to expect men to ask out their lady love by presenting a beautiful engagement ring, with red roses at a romantic evening. Times are changing and so should you.

How men react to women proposing
Most of the men expect to be the one who would propose marriage and not the other way round. A lot of men would be delighted to get rid of the pressure of marriage proposal off their minds. Whereas some men still prefer going the traditional way in spite of being liberal in other aspects. Nowadays, more women are taking the initiative of proposing a man than ever before and some are even giving men engagement rings.

Things to consider before proposing
Any woman who considers proposing marriage should ensure that her man would be respectable towards her proposal process. You can accompany this by marriage discussions and get an idea of how he feels about women proposing. Also make sure that both of you are ready for marriage and then take this step.

Following are some tips to help determine compatibility and marriage readiness.
1. Discuss about goals for future when you are together.
2. Find out his views on women proposing men. This can be done by asking him random questions about proposals without being too obvious.
3. Talk about family goals, number of kids, type of lifestyle etc
4. Discuss life goals, marriage and family. These can help a couple to figure out if they are ready for marriage and are compatible.

If possible it is better to get all these figured out before jumping to the decision of marriage. Even if couple has different ideas of marriage, they can merge it together to set common vision.

Tips for women marriage proposals
Many of the conventional marriage proposal ideas can work well, however there are subtle differences when a woman plans a marriage proposal. You need to keep the proposal romantic without pushing the man into a feminine role. Obviously a man would want to feel like a man even if he is thrilled to have his girl friend propose. Men usually are
comfortable in intimate proposals rather than public ones.

You can go through the following points to woo your man
1. Dress up beautifully in little black dress. He can’t say no to something so stunning and tempting.
2. Write him proposal poems over a romantic candle light dinner and present him with a single red rose. Single red rose is a romantic gesture and not many men are comfortable with huge bouquets.
3. You can cook a dinner and invite him over. Ask him out over the desserts, “Will you marry me”.
4. Place a promise ring wrapped in a small box inside a huge gift box and present it to him.
5. Create a scrapbook of your special photos and on the last page of the album inscribe the words “Will you marry me”.

The concept of woman proposing marriage is becoming popular. The only concern here is how a man will react to this unconventional move. It is definitely a good idea if the couple is contemporary and prefers thrill. This day will surely be remembered for years to come.