Choosing the right engagement ring

Obviously the only way to know for sure that you have found the perfect Engagement Ring would be to have shopped together with your loved one to let her pick the ring for herself. Unfortunately, this can take away from the surprise but however it is not rare to discuss engagement ring preferences with your partner. If you do want to make it a complete surprise, you will need to do some investigating as mentioned below:

Speak with one of your partner’s closest friends or family members like her sister or mother, TV, magazines or media will surely be helpful for hints on certain types of styles she prefers to wear.

The type of color of jewelry does your partner normally prefer to wear. If she typically wears yellow gold earrings or necklaces, then she may prefer a yellow gold engagement ring as well. Keep in mind popular fashion these days are platinum or white gold engagement ring settings.

Flip through a catalogue and land (by coincidence of course) on the jewelry rings section. Make some comment about few different jewelry styles you view in the catalogue and hope your partner will share some of her preferences with you.

Also find out the type of metal she would like to have on her ring finger like white gold, yellow gold or platinum along with the shape of the diamond such as round, pear, and marquise or can be simple round solitaire. If she is allergenic to certain metal types then it is a crucial factor which needs to be taken care of.