How To Take Care Of Your Teenagers Oral Hygiene

How To Take Care Of Your Teenagers Oral Hygiene

Practicing good dental hygiene and staying away from cavities is a must. Teenagers can be at times tough on their teeth. They tend to be so busy with their studies, jobs and other activities that they neglect their oral hygiene completely. They eat a lot of junk food and fail to brush their teeth. If you combine this two, sooner you will get a situation of tooth decay. It is not surprising that teenagers develop a lot of cavities.

Your smile is one of the most important things that people notice about you. That is why you need to keep it flawless. Cavities are not just for kids, they can develop at any age. You put your dental health at risk when you consume sugary food, energy drink and foods that stain. It is very important that your teenagers practice good oral habits.

Here are some tips to make your teenager free from cavity:

1. Advice your teenager to take good care of his/her teeth

You need to make sure your teenager brushes his/her teeth twice a day i.e. once in the morning and other before going to bed. He/She should also floss daily. You can make them understand how bad oral hygiene can impact their personality. Bad breath can be embarrassing and same goes for stained teeth.

2. Keep sufficient oral health supplies at home

Ask him to use a suitable toothbrush. The bristles should not be too hard on teeth. Keep soft toothbrush, flavoured floss and fluoride toothpaste handy. Do not forget to change the toothbrush every 3 months. Also ensure that toothbrush is washed off properly after use.

3. Set a good example

Whatever you do, your kids will follow. If you practice good oral hygiene yourself then your kids will do the same. They will understand the importance of it and you won’t have to run behind them.

4. Refrain from buying junk food

Junk food is one of the major causes of dental issues. Instead of junk food, make him eat fruits and vegetables. Avoid sugary and starchy snacks.

5. Prevent him from consuming tobacco

Consumption of tobacco is bad for your entire health. It not only stains your teeth but can also cause oral cancer. Educate your teenager regarding the harmful effects of smoking.

6. Do not allow him/her to pierce anywhere in their mouth

Teenagers have the habit of piercing their mouth. As parents it is your responsibility to make them understand about its ill-effects.

7. Visit your Dentist

Regular dental visits are essential for healthy mouth. Visit your dentist every 6 months to keep your teenagers’ mouth away from cavity.

Why your teenager needs healthy smile?

Healthy smile not only looks beautiful but it can boost your confidence too. It is important while meeting new people. Also if you don’t look after your teeth, people can avoid talking to you for the following reasons:

  • Bad breath
  • Stained teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay

If you do not want your teenager to be embarrassed in front of his peers, ensure that he follows good oral hygiene.