10 Causes Of Sensitive Teeth

10 Causes Of Sensitive Teeth

Do you experience sharp pain while brushing your teeth or while drinking cold and hot drinks? If the answer for the above question is “Yes” than probably you have sensitive teeth. So what actually causes the sensitivity of teeth? Following are the few causes:

1. Excessive Mouthwash

You like to keep your breath fresh and for this you use mouthwash. It will definitely keep your breath fresh but will make your teeth sensitive. This happens because some mouthwashes contain acids which can make already sensitive teeth worse. You can consult your dentist regarding neutral fluoride rinses.

2. Some Toothpastes & Tooth Whiteners

People crave for brighter smile and for this everyone is ready to spend substantial amount of money. For getting that bright smile people use toothpastes and tooth whiteners which contain peroxide-based bleaching solutions. This can lead to sensitive teeth. This sensitivity is generally temporary which vanishes when you stop using those products. Take advice of your dentist in UK to know what suits you the best.

3. Intake of Acidic foods

Eating too much of acidic foods like citrus, tomatoes and fruit juices could erode the productive enamel on your teeth. This exposes the vulnerable dentil beneath. You can help yourself by neutralizing the acids by a glass of milk or a piece of cheese afterwards.

4. Brushing your teeth hard

It’s a misconception that brushing teeth harder makes them cleaner. Using a hard bristled brush and brushing your teeth too hard can expose tooth roots by causing gum recession. This might also wear away your tooth’s enamel and expose the dentin. The holes in the dentin are microscopic tubes (blue) which allow sweet, cold and hot foods to move to tooth nerves and that can be very hurtful!

5. Diminishing gums

Thousands of tiny tubes are present in the roots of your teeth that lead to the nerve centre of your teeth. Teeth roots are generally hidden beneath a protective cover of gum tissue. The gums may start pulling away from teeth, if you have periodontal disease. This will expose the ultra sensitive root. You should run to your dentist if you suffer from receding gums.

6. Cracked teeth

Opening stuff with your teeth, munching ice or biting hard sweets can lead to broken chipped teeth. When a tooth is cracked, the nerve rich pulp hidden deep inside may get irritated. The crack could also fill with bacteria which will cause inflammation and become more painful.

7. Dental work

Dental work like teeth cleaning, tooth restorations, replacement crowns and root planning can cause temporary tooth sensitivity. You can always consult a dentist before undergoing any of these.

8. Tooth Cavity

Cavity in tooth exposes the root of your tooth to irritants like cold, hot, sweets etc. Eating well and maintaining good oral hygiene are the best ways to keep your teeth away from decay.

9. Clenching or Grinding your teeth

Clenching or grinding over the time can wear away tooth enamel. This makes your teeth’s nerves more vulnerable. Mouth guards and change in lifestyle can help combat grinding and clenching.

10. Take care of your Mouth

You can talk to your dentist to know what the exact cause of your sensitive teeth is. Also you can take extra care of your oral hygiene and make certain changes like using a soft bristled tooth brush and toothpaste specially made for sensitive teeth.