How To Take Care Of Vintage Rings

Vintage jewelry is over hundred years old and exhibits natural wear owing to its age. It is everything- nostalgic, artistic, unique and sustainable. Vintage rings can be fragile due to the amount of exposure they get over several years. Presenting a vintage ring as an engagement ring is a good idea if you and your fiancé value antique jewelry. Like all other jewelry, special care needs to be taken of the vintage ring too. Following are some ways how you can care for vintage jewelry.

Care for your Vintage Engagement Ring
Restore the ring with utmost care to not only secure the stone and settings but also preserve the original honor of the work that went into making it. Similar to other diamond rings , vintage rings are not indestructible and proper care should be taken while wearing them. Avoid wearing your engagement ring while taking shower, swimming, doing household chores like doing dishes, cleaning, gardening or any other harsh activities that can cause potential damage to the ring.

How to insure your Vintage Engagement Ring
Engagement ring is a symbol of undying commitment and it is an investment that you and your partner make to celebrate the decision to spend your lives happily ever after. You need to insure your ring the way you insure your car, your house or any other precious property. Your engagement ring is one of the most precious things you ever own so you need to make sure it is insured against damage or loss.

A lot of couples don’t think the need of getting their ring insured. Insurance is affordable and gives you peace of mind in case of lost stone, damage or theft. It is pointless to wait until it’s too late to insure your diamond ring.

Ways to clean your vintage ring
Everything we own needs to be kept cleaned as our belongings lose grace with time. Your engagement ring will look its best when it is kept clean. Make sure you clean your ring properly as dirt and grease stick to diamond. Keep your ring shiny and sparkling always. To clean your ring, use a soft toothbrush and soapy water.

With proper care and insurance you can keep your vintage ring and jewelry secured for life. Take your ring to the jeweler at least once a year to check for its settings. Prevent it from mishaps and let it sparkle forever.