Understanding Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald cut engagement rings are a marvelous choice for any couple owing to its classic style and simple shape. They are pretty reasonable and come in a wide range of styles. However there are certain points that you need to consider while buying emerald cut engagement rings.

Emerald cut was initially developed as the shape more suitable for emerald gemstones but it has now gained popularity for diamonds and other gemstones too. It has a rectangle shape with cropped corners. The jeweler forms steps to create the cut into the base of the gem.

You should find the highest quality cut that you can afford in order to get the stunning effect of a great emerald cut in your engagement ring.

In case of diamond you always wish to purchase the stone with the highest level of clarity that lies in your budget. An emerald does not hide imperfection in a gem (if it has) owing to the limited number of facets. While buying an emerald, stone clarity may not be that significant.

An emerald cut ring has the following benefits
• They have long facets that provide bright and constant flashes.
• This cut looks beautiful in simple solitaires along with elaborate designer engagement rings .
• The elongated shape makes it appear larger than it generally is.
• It has higher durability than other shapes.
• They are comparatively less expensive when compared to others.

Best setting for emerald cut engagement ring
You will come across a variety of emerald cut gemstones in a number of settings. Generally an emerald cut gem is held in place by four prongs placed at each of the clipped corners for maximum stability. Avoid bezel setting for this cut as it can make the stone a bit dull. This is because the metal surrounds the gem from all sides and reduces the amount of light that could reach the gem.

Emerald cut engagement ring styles
A lot of emerald cut engagement rings are available in the market ranging from stunning solitaires to diamond accented designs. Matching emerald cut wedding rings are also available to complete the look. You can narrow down your choices after understanding all the options.

You can consider the following beautiful designs to make the emerald cut more striking with accent stones:

• Emerald cut diamond engagement ring- it looks amazing in classic halo set.
• Emerald cut three-stone diamond ring- this spectacular ring has a large emerald cut diamond in the center surrounded by round cut smaller diamonds.
• Emerald cut with Tapered Baguettes- this is stunningly simple and features a huge emerald cut diamond flanked by two smaller diamond baguettes.

Emerald cut doesn’t just look great on diamonds but also on other precious gemstones. You can consider this type of cut for other gems too. It looks alluring on every stone.