How To Buy Diamond Pendants

Diamond pendants are perhaps the most stunning and instantly striking way of displaying a stone. A solitaire or single diamond will be costlier than the equivalent in carats made up in smaller diamonds. It is difficult to match the glamour of an alluring diamond sitting elegantly on your gorgeous neck. Pendants are an excellent way of celebrating any anniversary or occasion. It is certainly cherished by each and every girl. Selecting a diamond pendant is not that tough. It does require some amount of basic diamond research and perseverance.

A lot of variety is available today at every jewelry store. There are various aspects to consider while choosing the best solitaire pendant . Some of the most important factors are:

• Cut- The brilliance of diamond which reflects light.
• Carat- The size of diamond.
• Color- Alphabetically graded from D onwards i.e. colorless.
• Clarity- How clear the diamond is.

The stone setting is extremely important as it is one of the essential elements of stone display and it holds the diamond firmly. The chain can be either gold or platinum and should be of high quality. A secure grasp is absolutely necessary.

The length of the chain is equally crucial. Careful attention should be paid not only to the height and build of the wearer but also to their preferred styles of dress and the occasions on which she would most possibly wear the pendant. Fashion as well as a person’s taste keeps on changing over the years but a classic diamond pendant will not go out of vogue. It is indeed a true investment piece.

One of the most exhilarating aspects of a diamond pendant and the one which gives it an upper edge over a diamond ring is the possibility of using shapes which are not so frequently found on rings. Marquise shape is usually used for pendants. Pear shape too is a very popular shape in pendants.

A diamond pendant is one of the most treasured gifts you can ever present to the woman you love. Be rest assured and it will do wonders to your relationship. It not just symbolizes true love but also signify how much you value the lady in your life. Not just your partner, but you can gift it to your mother or sisters too. Like it is said, a diamond is every girl’s best friend. Needless to say any girl you gift the pendant to will fall head over heels in love with you.