6 Factors To Consider While Buying Antique Engagement Rings

A beautiful way to incorporate a love of past into your dreams of future is by purchasing an antique engagement ring. An engagement ring that is century old is a perfect choice if you love antique jewelry and want a ring that should not be seen on anyone else’s finger. It is a perfect choice for a unique engagement ring and the key is to know how to shop for this distinctive ring.

How to select an engagement ring
It is pretty complicated to buy an antique engagement ring since it is a lovely piece of jewelry. Buying an antique engagement ring needs some research to be done. Your engagement ring is an epitome of style and history which makes it unique. Breaking the shopping experience into convenient steps will help you get the ring of your dreams.

1. Selection of style
It is always advisable to understand certain things about the styles that were popular during that era before you begin shopping. The designs of engagement rings vary from different periods. Some of the styles that could perhaps appeal to you are:
• Georgian (1814 to 1830) It consists of multi stone settings.
• Victorian (1837 to 1901) Over the top glitz and glamour.
• Edwardian (1901 to 1910) Geometric stones and tapered side shanks.

2. Understand the value
A vintage ring which is lesser than 100 years old will be less expensive compared to a contemporary ring of the same material. This is not true always since there are a number of factors that affect the pricing of an antique engagement ring. Some of the factors are:
• Material- A high quality diamond will always be prized higher.
• Condition- improper restoration decreases the value of ring.
• Provenance- A proof that has a history or story attached e.g. original jeweler’s receipt.
• Illustration of its era- A ring that symbolizes the era when it was created also has its own worth.
Rarity- A ring that is difficult to find may be more than 100 years old is more expensive.

3. Define a budget
You need to set a realistic budget before buying a ring. This will prevent you from falling in love with a ring that is out of your budget. Firstly decide what fits your budget and then go ahead with your preference.

4. Resize the ring
When you buy an antique engagement ring, you purchase a jewelry which was designed to fit a specific person’s finger. You would perhaps need to resize it to fit the size of your finger. Before buying the ring you need to make sure that the ring can be resized. Rings that have engraving and gems all over cannot be resized without spoiling its design.

5. Get the ring evaluated
Certain jewelers can sell the replica of antique rings by claiming it to be genuine. You can evaluate the ring locally by the following ways:
• Check for a certified antique jewelry appraisal.
• Ask for any certified appraisers at a local antique store.
• Find out if any of their staff specialize in jewelry.
• Find out a local vendor who specializes in antique jewelry.

6. Purchase the right ring
After you have done a thorough analysis and decided on the budget and style you can purchase the ring. It is important to work with a reputed jeweler who would allow you to return the ring if it does not accomplish your expectations.