Everything You Need To Know About Heirloom Engagement Rings

Some of the most sacred elements of getting engaged are the traditions of wedding and the families’ bonding. Heirloom rings symbolize the family connection. The topic of heirloom engagement ring should be approached carefully since procuring it can be tricky.

Different types of heirloom rings
The most common heirloom engagement rings are antique rings but family rings can come from various sources such as:
• Relatives like aunts or cousins.
• Rings that are crafted from unused jewelry (bracelet, brooch) which has lost gems or have damaged over the years.
• A favorite sentimental ring apart from engagement ring and wedding bands.
• Split rings where a single heirloom gets divided into multiple new rings.
Heirloom rings too come in a variety of designs. They tend to be heavier than the modern rings. They usually have more metal and colored gems instead of diamonds. This type of rings have lot of sentiments attached to them and are passed from one generation to another with affection. Depending on its origin, it can even be a few years old and have modern design too.

How to select an heirloom ring
Heirloom ring is full of sentiments and it is very special for each and everyone. At times there might be more than one ring. You might want to present the same ring of your parents to your beloved to bring good fortune but while trying to unite two families it can be bit difficult to overcome emotional issues and select a ring to represent both sides.

How to choose the family
The hardest part of selecting the heirloom ring is deciding which family should have the honor of passing on the ring. If only a single individual has sentiments attached to their family ring then the choice is simple but if both want to make family ring as the symbol of their union, you might want to consider the following factors:
• The ring which has a longer family history, for e.g. a ring from great grandmother will have more sentiments than the ring from aunt.
• The ring which symbolizes a deceased family member can also be a good option.
• The ring that has more suitable size, shape and design.
• Ring with a closer personal connection. E.g. ring from mother.
Ultimately the best person to decide about the ring is the bride-to-be since she is the one who is going to wear it. In case she doesn’t approve of the design or size then there is no point forcing your decision on her. The consent of both the families to pass on their heirloom rings is equally important. Proceed only if you have their consent and blessings.

Asking for permission
One should not simply assume that they will be allowed to use the heirloom ring. Care should be taken while taking the permission to use the rings. You can consider the following points:
• The couple should have a discussion with the current owner of the ring.
• While proposing you need to convince the other person how much you love her/him and you want to whole heartedly pass on the ring.
• Do not pressurize the owner if she needs time to consider your request for the ring since it is a very emotional decision.
• Thank them if they agree and express how much this gesture means to you.
• If needed get the ring repaired or resized.

How to take care of the heirloom rings
• Heirloom rings should be considered as a very important piece of jewelry. You must pay particular attention to vintage or antique rings and be sure to insure it.
• Clean the ring properly and inspect for damages or imperfections. In case of any damages take it to a reputed jeweler and get it corrected.
• Keep it safely till the time of engagement and also after that.