Engagement Ring Replacement

If you take utmost care of your engagement ring, then there is no need for replacement. Some unfortunate incidents may damage it and you might consider getting it replaced. Or maybe your current ring has got outdated and you want a ring that is in vogue. You need to remember that replacement of ring should be done sensitively to avoid hurting the sentiments of your family members. Whatever you decide should be accepted whole heartedly by your spouse. A lot of factors can trigger you to take this decision and we have mentioned some of them below.

You don’t like the ring
Disliking your engagement ring is one of the most common reasons to replace it. Sometimes it becomes difficult to determine a person’s taste and preference. Fashion too keeps on changing with time so the ring might get out of trend. The original engagement ring could be an heirloom or antique and it fails to match her preference. Or perhaps a latest style of contemporary ring may have appeared recently which she likes much better. The girl needs to acknowledge the fact that she isn’t too pleased with the ring and won’t be comfortable wearing it regularly. Blunt honesty is the best course of action so both parties understand why the ring is being replaced.

The couple can shop together for the new ring by understanding the various shapes of diamonds, settings and other characteristics. They can buy the perfect ring which she approves of. If the original engagement ring was an heirloom then it can give rise to an offensive situation. You need to patiently make your family members understand your reasons or you can give reasons like metal allergies or sizing issues to ease the blow. Taking family member’s input can also be helpful.

You lost your ring
Your engagement ring can be lost while doing household chores, traveling or outdoor activities. Carefully search everywhere before assuming that the ring is lost. You can consider replacement if you fail to find it. If you wish to preserve the sentimental values attached to it, you can look for an identical ring.
The couple can work with the jeweler to recreate the engagement ring. Provide the jeweler with all the adequate documents along with the pictures in order to get the exact replica of the lost ring.

Your ring gets damaged
Day to day chores can be the reason for damaging your ring. Occasional accidents may damage the engagement ring beyond repair. The couple can either buy a new ring or try amending the old one, depending on their sentiments. The undamaged stone can be reused in the new ring. While the new ring might look identical to your engagement ring, it might fail to evoke the same emotions within you. This is completely natural and the couple should learn to deal with the fact.
Check for warranties

Always review the insurance policies and warranties before replacing the engagement rings due to loss or damage. These will help you in reimbursing the cost of the diamond ring. The policies can help reduce your financial burden to some extent.

It is possible to replace an engagement ring irrespective of the circumstances. It is a symbol of love and undying commitment and holds a lot of sentimental values. Replace the ring only when you are completely sure.