8 Simple Rules Of Engagement Rings

We understand the array of emotions you undergo during you day of engagement. Prior to this, everyone is busy in shopping for the big day. The most anticipated event of your life deserves perfection, perfect ambience, perfect dress and the perfect diamond engagement ring . The glittery engagement ring is the paramount of the day. Before you step out and make this big purchase of your life, there are certain things that you should note. You can say these are the “rules” for engagement shopping. Browse through the underlying points to get a fair idea.

1. Shape of the ring is crucial
While selecting the ring even before considering the 4 Cs of diamonds, you must understand the shapes of the engagement rings. Moreover you should be aware of the shape your fiancée loves. Shape of the ring indicates the actual geometry of the stone.

2. Settings is secondary
A good quality setting i.e. the metal framework in which your stone is mounted is a must! It sets the tone of a ring. A bezel setting gives a modern and fresh appeal to the classic round engagement ring stone whereas an oval ring looks trendy and more traditional. The key here is to get the right blend of setting and shape.

3. Understand her jewelry style
Nowadays couples shop for the engagement rings and wedding bands together so they can complement it with each other and also buy what the person loves. But if you are planning to surprise her and pop up the big question, be sure you so some reconnaissance. For this you can take the help of her best friends or siblings to know what her current choice in jewelry is. If you want to do all these by yourself then you need to spy on her jewelry to get an idea. Does she vouch for vintage jewelry or the trendy one? Watch for a couple of days and take a mental note to size up.

4. Buy Loose Stones
The loose stones that you see at jewelry stores give you a fair idea about the diamond in the ring. If you are not buying an estate ring, you can consider buying loose stones. You can select the most gorgeous and breathtaking stone which fits your budget. Be sure you inspect the stone thoroughly before making the purchase.

5. Consider the Metal
You have got diverse metals to select from when it comes to the band. The most preferred choice is platinum since it is extremely durable and pure. Second preference is given to gold which is available in variety of colors- yellow, white, rose. Palladium is also a good choice or a mixture of gold and platinum.

6. Set a realistic budget
We understand on your engagement day you want to do everything over the top. But when it comes to budget you need to be realistic. There is no point in being debt ridden after buying the ring and later regretting about it. We don’t want your special moment to be spoiled. So better way is to fix a budget and get the best possible ring within your limits.

7. Shop Safe
The best way to get the best deal in engagement ring is to go to the jeweller which your family and friends recommend. You can also check for reputed jewellers in the town and check about the return policy of jewelry. Chances are your fiancée might not admire the ring that you give, in this case you might have to return it back.

8. Plan at least a month before
Once the ring is ordered, it takes up to 4 to 6 months to get delivered. If you are getting it custom designed then it might take even more. So accordingly plan your day of purchase. Do not keep everything for the last moment.