Engagement Ring Buying Guide -Tiffany Settings

Engagement Ring Buying Guide -Tiffany Settings

Tiffany setting is a variant in settings available for an Engagement Ring and the name has come into existence because of Tiffany andamp; Co who introduced these to the world in 1886. These settings are classic, simple prong engagement ring settings that are repetitively popular for both fashionable and conventional designs. With simple sophistication, this unassuming setting highlights the continuing beauty of the gem and creates a dazzling focal point for any diamond engagement ring.

About Tiffany Settings

First created in 1886, these prong settings quickly became the signature design of Tiffany andamp; Co., the noted jewelry design compa ny that focuses on the stunning clarity and precision of beautiful gems rather than overwhelming the eye with elaborate styles and settings. The Tiffany mount is simple: four or six prongs securely hold the diamond around its girdle (the thickest portion of the stone), elevating it above a plain metal band. The prongs are spaced equally around the circumference of the stone, emulating the symmetry of the diamond’s cut. Nowadays, Tiffany-style settings are arguably the most popular option for brides-to-be, particularly for solitaire rings. Many jewelers offer this simple solitaire setting with its understated elegance but the key to possessing a beautiful solitaire engagement ring is to have a high quality diamond.

Setting Benefits

Despite its outward simplicity, the Tiffany mount has many benefits when displaying a high quality diamond. Because the setting is elevated and open between the prongs, it allows the maximum amount of light into the stone, emphasizing its refractive and reflective properties that create the distinctive diamond fire and sparkle. With multiple prongs, the setting is fairly secure and appropriately spaced and finely crafted prongs are strong and robust without detracting from the beauty of the stone. Tiffany settings are the best option to emphasize a stunning diamond, which is why the famed company first created the open setting. Because Tiffany andamp; Co. uses only the most perfect gems in their designs, simple, open settings are useful to underline the startling beauty of those gems. The openness of the setting can also create the illusion of a bigger carat size, giving couples the option of choosing a higher quality though slighter stone without losing the appeal of an immaculate ring.

Finding Tiffany Settings

Because of the setting’s popularity, nearly all jewelers offer some variety of Tiffany-style setting. Most Tiffany mounts are constructed of platinum because of its superior strength, yet the white metal will not add a tint to the stone’s color.A.Jaffe carries a decent variety when it comes to these rings. In addition to plain Tiffany rings, jewelers also offer a wide range of variations on the Tiffany style, including:
• Cathedral settings, where the sides of the Tiffany mount are supported by curving arches.
• Wrap settings that include channel set accent stones beneath the Tiffany mount.
• Pave settings that include an encrusted band beneath the prong setting.
• Bridal sets with a Tiffany-style engagement ring paired with a more elaborate wedding band.

Check for Quality

Simple or open settings tend to show flaws more easily, and it is important to check for quality when choosing a Tiffany style ring because there are no elaborate details to detract from minor imperfections. When examining Tiffany settings, be sure to check for the following details:
• Evenly spaced, symmetrical prongs that match up with the ring band as well as the stone’s symmetry.
• Balanced prongs those are thick enough to provide adequate security but thin enough not to detract from the stone’s beauty.
• The stone should be level in the prongs and securely held by small rims in each prong.
• The prongs should be rounded and smooth to lessen chances of snagging on clothing, hair, or other items.

This is something we hear about a lot from disappointed customers and take special care about this at A.Jaffe. Because the Tiffany type setting is so open, the diamond’s color and clarity are of utmost importance when choosing a quality ring. Even small imperfections may be noticeable without a concealing setting or additional accent stones to distract the eye, because the simple setting immediately draws attention to the center stone. So, not to mince words, this is not the best choice if you are on a budget or already have a gem which isn’t the greatest in terms of inclusions and imperfections.

Setting Cost

With its inherent simplicity, tiffany-style settings are among the least expensive options for engagement rings. At the same time, however, because most simple settings hold stones of exceptional quality, the ring itself may cost significantly more than a more elaborate design that can utilize lower quality, cheaper diamonds. Official settings from Tiffany andamp; Co. begin around $2,000 for a simple setting with a stunning stone. Tiffany settings are the most popular type of engagement ring setting available. With traditional simplicity, these open styles emphasize the beauty of the ring, symbolizing the innocence and purity of the romance that brought the ring into being. You can check for this type of setting options at with the highest quality standards and exceptionally low diamond prices.