Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Engagement Ring Buying Guide – Princess Cut Diamonds as an option

Lot of women look for Engagement Rings that are more unique and exclusive than the typical round diamond solitaire, and princess cut engagement rings are a trendy or if I would dare to say, popular choice. Because diamonds are so versatile, they can be cut into a number of unique shapes and set in diverse ways, giving each ring the unique sparkle not only of the attractive stone, but also of the individual who adorns it.

The Princess Cut The princess cut is one of the most recent innovations in diamond jewelry, particularly diamond engagement rings. The cut is distinguished by its square shape, a result of mixing both the classic step and brilliant cuts to design the stone. Step cuts form ridges along the edges of the diamond while leaving a flat top, while brilliant cuts incorporate more facets to increase the diamond’s sparkle and fire. The combination of these two Diamond Cuts gives a princess diamond approximately fifty facets – less than a classic round cut, but more than a rectangular emerald cut.


Because the sharp corners of a Diamond are vulnerable to chips, princess cut diamonds are frequently set with the prongs at the corners. The stones can be aligned parallel to the ring’s band or angled to present a “diamond” shape, which is slightly more unusual. A subtle variation of the princess cut diamond is the radiant cut, which is still square but incorporates rounded corners that are less prone to damage and can be mounted in different patterns. Another common setting for princess cut engagement rings is to use channels, where the stones are set into the band itself rather than held above it with prongs. Because the stones are square, several of them can be aligned together without any gaps between the stones, creating a shimmering line of diamond fire. This is especially popular for wedding bands in bridal sets as well as men’s wedding bands. Princess cut engagement rings are frequently set with additional stones for added brilliance, with a total of three stones being the most popular variation. A popular design is to pair a central princess cut diamond with two trillium cut side stones: the triangular trillion cut is a creative and symmetrical accent to the square center stone, resulting in a dramatic three stone engagement ring. Other options include several additional, smaller princess cut diamonds, emerald cuts, or baguettes. Of course, all diamond engagement rings are customizable, and round, pear, and other diamond shapes can be used as accents as well. Of course, for simple distinction, a princess cut solitaire engagement ring is elegant and timeless.

Cost of Princess Cut Engagement Rings

The mixed cut design of princess diamonds allows the stone to hide more imperfections, including Diamond Flaws and Inclusions and slight coloring. Because the additional facets add brilliance and increase the diamond’s inherent sparkle, flaws are less noticeable and it is possible to have a gorgeous ring for a less expensive price because the stone isn’t as perfect as it would need to be for a round or other shape. Additionally, setting the diamonds in channels helps hide minor imperfections and reduce the ring’s cost. So buying a princess cut ring is not only getting something which is different but is also easier on the pocket. Princess cut diamonds are also one of the least expensive diamond shapes to create. The square stone actually preserves more of the diamond’s natural crystal structure, requiring less time to cut and polish. This will lower the final price of the diamond because it does not take as much preparation to produce as more elaborate shapes. Of course, engagement ring price varies according to many factors, not just the cut and size of the center stone. Because many princess cut engagement rings are set with additional side stones, the total carat weight of all those stones is added to formulate a final price. While a princess cut may at first seem a more economical option, adding numerous accent stones can drastically increase the price. The square, classic shape of a princess cut diamond can make an extraordinary engagement ring, whether by itself or set with additional stones. Available in many settings and with a wide range of design options, any bride-to-be will for sure feel like a princess with such a vibrant ring reflecting the sparkle in her heart and emothions.