Elegant types of Pearl engagement ring

Elegant types of Pearl engagement ring

Gazing for an exclusive engagement ring, consider pearls. The depiction of a pearl ring can be very significant to pairs looking for a special, timeless and unique alternative. Pearls are deliberated as the representation of is a emblem of perfection, harmony and purity.

Pearl engagement rings can be designed in several varieties.


The Solitaire engagement rings style is a renowned and classic style designed using a sole pearl as the center stone in any metal counting gold, silver and platinum as per your preference.


Accented rings are also famous with a middle pearl accented on both sides by diamonds or any other favorite stones.


Halo pearl rings look gorgeous as glitters like a star. You can pick a ring with rubies or diamonds surrounding the stunning center pearl.


You can choose a ring with a bunch of several small pearls for crafting the center of the ring. Such rings are generally not considered as engagement ring but can be gifted on anniversary or any other special occasion.


Small pearls beautifully set into an expensive band of metal wrapping the whole finger looks awesome. You can choose pearls of heart or flower shape when picking it as engagement ring.

Diamonds can be the best addition when looking for something to add sophistication to the ring. To make your ring special, you can choose any design and distinctly colored pearl counting gold, cream, black, blue, pink, green, etc. Many pearls basically have a key color with a subsequent gloom as a highlight or hint. This amalgamation influences the value of the stone.

You need to take care of your precious pearl engagement ring for keeping its beauty and looks same as new one forever.

Pearls are delicate so you need to provide additional care if wearing regularly. Avoid loosening and scratches. Do not let it get in touch with the harsh chemicals or cleaning products as this can reduce the shine and beauty of the stone. You should remove the ring when involved in any sport, hard physical task or related works to avoid scratch and strain over the ring.

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