Classy bezel set engagement rings for protection

Classy bezel set engagement rings for protection

Bezel set engagement rings are a good alternative when you are looking to choose a beautiful ring with safety to your expensive stone. A bezel setting ring has a metal rim of your selected metal like gold, platinum, silver, etc. encircling the sides of diamond or your chosen gemstone extending slightly above it. The collar or the rim can stretch around the entire stone or a portion as preferred providing complete protection to the stone.

This kind of ring setting is ideal for the individuals having an active and busy lifestyle as protects the precious stone with its protective profile and design. If you are picking opal, pearl or any other gemstone as the centre stone that has less hardness level, bezel set ring is the best option. It protects the softer stones, mainly if they are set in rings.

Bezel set engagement ring looks very attractive and appealing due to their stunning design. Exposure of the gemstone depends on the width of metal rim surrounding it. Jewelry designers are designing semi-bezel or half bezel rings for the individuals looking for a different look. A semi bezel ring holds the stone in two sections providing security instead of a sole line.

Bezel ring is a contemporary option with a strong and low profile look perfect for any girl. This setting goes well with any stone and looks awesome with different shapes as well counting heart, oval, pear, etc. Diamonds and further transparent gems are superior options for a partial bezel as this setting permits more light to pierce the gemstone, grooming its luster and sparkle.

Additionally, bezel ring is suitable for the gemstone with some flaws on the sides. Some people have diamond or other stone as a memory from their mother grandmother or of their own. The old stone might have a crack or slight damage at the ends. With the bezel setting, this can be hidden easily. You can choose the bezel set engagement ring for treasuring your memories in a wonderful manner.

To add more class and glamour, choose the bezel ring with a shank of round bead set diamonds enhancing the beauty of the center stone dramatically.