Effective Tips To Upgrade Your Classic Engagement Ring

Do you want to give face-lift to your classic engagement ring? Resetting your dearest ring later in life is an amazing way for revamping the ring for a delightful innovative look. You can upgrade your ring due to financial success or rejoicing a relationship milestone. The Classic engagement ring is the go-to setting because of its easy, budget-friendly price and timeless style. You have endless options to revamp the ring.

Here, are some of the popular and exciting ideas that can help you to enhance the life, value, and appearance of your precious diamond engagement ring.

Add diamonds to the band –

You might love your plain engagement band a lot, but giving a touch of sparkle with stunning diamond setting can add more to its beauty. This is a great idea for the people who do not want to change the classic style but want a sparkle. With the diamond accent on the band, you can renew your ring without doing anything too extreme.

Upgrade the setting –

Another amazing alternative to change the appearance of your diamond ring completely is to pick up an entirely special setting. There are diverse styles in engagement ring settings are available to pick from.

Often times, several individuals who are involved in hard active lifestyles will get their rings snagged or caught continually and several classic diamond rings have taller settings. You can go for the bezel setting for suiting your exciting and active lifestyle.

Go for the colored gemstones –

Adding colors to your ring is also a great way to perk up its beauty. You can go for two-colored gemstone setting on both the sides of the center stone. You can choose the colored stone you love or the birthstone. Sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are great options in addition to the colored diamonds.

Upgrade the center diamond –

An effective and simple way to upgrade the ring is to upgrade the center stone. You can get a bigger diamond for simply enhancing the spark and glam of the ring. If you have a strong budget you can choose the big diamond of different shape or size according to your choice and likings.

Addition of diamond halo –

How about rejoicing the ring with a diamond halo setting, the most growing trend in engagement rings? Halo setting will give completely a new look to the ring and can add some serious sparkle to any ring. With halo setting, you can make your center stone appear larger. You can also try adding up a subsequent halo for a glam dramatic look, or even make your second halo gemstones.

Add more diamonds –

If you have a single stone or small stone engagement ring, then making three stone rings can be a great way to upgrade. Adding a diamond to each side of the existing diamond can turn the ring into three stone ring. Each stone would represent the beauty of your present past and future. Choosing the size of the diamonds for making it the latest three stone rings is totally up to you. You can choose small, bigger, or equal sized diamond to match with the center stone.

So, try out some amazing ways to upgrade your engagement ring and enjoy the love, relationship, and beauty of your engagement ring forever.