Different Types Of Three Stone Engagement Rings

Past, Present andamp; Future!

The meaning of three stones in a three stone engagement ring is like the three phases of life –the past, present and future. Many people believe so, and therefore, choose a beautiful three stone engagement ring for their beloved. Due to the increasing interest and likings of individuals towards the three stone-setting rings, designers are introducing new and striking three stone engagement rings regularly. They bring up the finest and awesome rings that reflect jaw-dropping impression on the viewers.

Here are some of the most delightful and popular three stone engagement ring are described that you can choose for your love to express your deep feelings.

Multi Three Stone Round Engagement Ring
Round cut diamonds are the prettiest and most liked diamond cuts. The combination of three round cut diamonds describes your whole world of beauty and luck. It comes with a beautiful classic shank. It is a magnificent pick for the timeless women.

Three Stone Signature Trellis Engagement Ring
In this ring, three stones with a big center stone and two small side stones are fitted with trellis design. It brings a magnificent look and features a trellis inspired profile view. It looks amazing on hands. It is the perfect choice as features unique three-part shank setting it apart from the customary three stone rings .

Art Designed Princess Artistic Three Stone
You can go for the princess cut three stone ring for your princess. A three stone princess cut ring with channel set pave diamonds with some special shank can be the ideal ring for your ladylove. Some tiny stone setting on the shoulders will add up more delight to the ring.

Classic Three Stone Trellis Engagement Ring
Round or princess cut diamond three stone ring having a trellis-inspired design is also a unique design. It looks beautiful from all the sides and the dazzle of three stones can make anyone mesmerized.

Colored side diamonds
For a change or unusual ring, colored stones on the sides of a big center stone can be a great idea. You can choose any colored diamond or even pearl for side setting. This will give a stunning look to the ring.

Additionally, if you have any specific ring design in your mind, you can get it created by the professional jewelers. They can manufacture your dream three stone engagement ring professionally that you can treasure forever.